NHS Norfolk Action Group:  A joint NHS campaigning group based in Norwich – Norfolk KONP are part of this. We meet regularly – currently fortnightly – and organise actions in Norfolk.  Facebook: NHS Norfolk Action Group  Twitter: NHSNfkActionGroup (@nfknhs)

Keep Our NHS Public  This is the national website for KONP. It contains a wealth of information, including news under the ‘What’s new’ button.

Our NHS  This is part of the Open Democracy website. It is an excellent source of information on the NHS and is updated regularly.

 999 call for nhs  This campaigning site is a useful source of information on Sustainability and Transformation Plans including a series of short videos.

Patients for NHS  This site has more detailed information on what is happening to our NHS and why. Look here for detail on Sustainability and Transformation Plans: In this clear short talk, Professor Allyson Pollock explains how the NHS is being abolished by the Health and Social Care Act 2012:

Video: Sell-Off
Peter Bach’s film explains how the NHS as we know it is being quietly abolished and replaced by a system modelled on the US, in which profit-making private companies deliver care. Corporate interests rather than patient care is driving reform in today’s NHS.
Doctors and other health professionals working to save our health service, explain the changes brought in by the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and make the case for reinstating the publicly provided NHS:

Video: Dr Lucy Reynolds explains the consequences of the Health and Social Care Act 2012 in this video:

Dr Lucy Reynolds and Prof Martin McKee outline the hidden NHS privatisation agenda – a key article for understanding what’s happening to the NHS: Opening the oyster: the 2010-11 reforms in England:

Video: Dr Lucy Reynolds and Dr Bob Gill interviewed on the Keiser Report about NHS privatisation. 10 mins.  

Video: 5-minute excerpt from Michael Moore’s film ‘Sicko’ – Moore interviews an American in Britain and Tony Benn about the NHS:

Some local links:

Campaign to Save NHS Mental Health Services in Norfolk and Suffolk

The five clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) for Norfolk – check their governing body agendas to keep tabs on their commissioning activities:

Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group (NCCG)

North Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (NNCCG)

South Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group SNCCG)

Great Yarmouth and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group (GYWCCG)

West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (WNCCG)

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